Elizabeth was born in Cucuta, Colombia and from her early age she gravitated towards fashion, fitness and adventure. Although she was a good student, Elizabeth didn’t like to follow rules and would rebel through her use of clothing and accessories - often stylizing her uniform in unique ways to stay true to her love of fashion and style.  

Early Life

Elizabeth had a difficult childhood in Colombia, her father abandoned her family when she was only 9 years old leaving Elizabeth alone with her sick mother to watch after. Fortunately, she had the help of her uncles and close relatives through her mother’s sickness who fortunately made a full recovery. However, despite her mom’s favorable health, a single mother in Colombia with 3 children meant Elizabeth quickly learned to work from a young age to offer her family support. She effectively helped raise her two younger siblings which empowered Elizabeth to become responsible and mature from a young age.

Elizabeth’s growing responsibilities at home meant she would often turn to her passions whenever possible for solace and happiness. She began modelling locally, was “Madrina del Equipo de Futbol,” Cheerleader, Elizabeth vega  acted in her school productions and further on began to gain larger modelling contracts within Colombia.

Once she graduated primary school she moved to Bogota where she studied Communications & Journalism at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. During this time she worked on Television programs and modelled catalogues, calendars and campaigns. Around this time she visited her family in Santa Marta where she was crowned Queen of the Carnival of the city!

She then met her future ex-husband and moved with him to Japan where she had her daughter. Soon after the birth of her daughter, she moved to the United States and while living in Miami, FL is when she began to study for her real estate license and learn about the world of investing for properties. Combining her social skills, communication expertise and eye for a good home she began her career in the real estate space and continued to live in Miami for 10 years. 


Elizabeth was able to find success in her real estate career and moved to New York City where she’s lived for the last 8 years, however, she’s recently gone back to her roots and explored her true love once again - beauty and fashion. Elizabeth has grown to be very proud of her life and created her Instagram in order to share that with the world. She has started to become more involved with the world of Social Media and grown to love it as a way to show her personality and interests which has led her to grow quickly and gain a sizeable amount of followers.

Elizabeth has always been someone attracted to trying new things and experiencing new cultures. Even from her humble beginnings she always fantasized about seeing the world and meeting people from all different walks of life. She has in turn made this aspect of her life a priority traveling all over the globe - from Paris to Dubai to Japan and more; Elizabeth has come close to visiting it all. Elizabeth has embodied the idea that you only have one life to live and plans on making sure to have as many adventures as possible along the way. 

It is Elizabeth’s unique lifestyle that has created her social media career, a business savvy woman who always retained her spark and love for fashion and beauty. She shares her appreciation for life and health by posting modelling or travel photos to inspire her followers to take their lives by the reins as well. For Elizabeth the most important aspect of being a social media influencer is using that influence for positivity and encouragement, she hopes to promote a lifestyle of happiness, style and adventure to everyone who comes across her page!


Elizabeth’s primary goal at the moment is to combine her business knowledge with her fashion eye and begin her own fashion collection. She is currently working on designs and concepts for the clothing brand she hopes to open soon and is very excited to release her work to the world.